Jens Liebchen

Marks of Honour


"Dont talk bullshit what are you doing?" Reflections on the unique homage project Marks of Honour

mit Fotografien von Harvey Benge, Chris Coekin, Peter Granser, Pieter Hugo, Tiina Itkonen, Onaka Koji, Jens Liebchen, Michael Light, Mark Power, Matthew Sleeth, Alec Soth, Jules Spinatsch und Raimond Wouda

Softcover 15 x 20 cm o.S.
ISBN 3-932187-20-2 / MoH 2009


jens Liebchen

Normality in Reverse

Wir alle sind ikonischer Natur. Auch dann, wenn wir es vergessen haben.

Gottfried Boehm


The La Brea Matrix


Zu den Bildspuren des Projekts The La Brea Matrix

I was going through a period of seeing how densely I could structure a picture and how far back into the picture I could look and how much I could set up all of this complex picture structure. At the same time I’m thinking, show “the very age and body of the time, his form and pressure.” Is this it?

Stephen Shore


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